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Acoustical Left

Acoustical Left performs in multiple venues across North Georgia and brings a unique and pleasant sound to many rock and pop covers from the 70s to today. The Left can be found playing at pubs, restaurants, breweries, festivals, corporate events, private parties, and coffee houses around North Georgia. The band's dynamic offerings include acoustic duos and trios along with 4 and 5-piece full-band support for your needs, covering a wide genre of music from the 1970s through today.

The band started over 10 years ago when Mike Estabrook was performing solo and occasional duo gigs. In 2016, Mike teamed up with Mike Auger (percussion and vocals) in an acoustic duo project to add smooth rhythmic percussion styles and pleasing harmonies. The band grew to include Al "Big Al" Robinson (harmonica) and Aaron Clark (bass/guitar/vocals) from 2017 into 2018. The addition of Big Al and Aaron Clark enabled the band to expand to 3-part harmonies, unique instrumental stylings, and broader genres. A reliable, high-quality group with strong vocals, high-end instrumental performance, excellent mixes for your venue, and fun crowd engagement, Acoustical Left is committed to providing you with a great experience!

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