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Ben Bostick

Ben Bostick has been a full-time professional musician for 10 years. A voracious music lover, Bostick's repertoire covers everything from early jazz standards to current pop and country, although Bostick is most well known for his interpretations of Americana and vintage soul music. He also turns heads with creative mashups, such as Gnarls Barkley + Patsy Cline ("Crazy Crazy"), The Beatles + Marshal Tucker Band + 4 Non Blondes ("Hey Jude Can't You See What's Up"), and Cat Stevens + Frank Sinatra ("Fly Me to the Wild World"). In addition, Bostick is also admired for his highly developed finger-style guitar technique, and he has a repertoire of instrumental pieces for any occasion. Bostick's songwriting ability has drawn international praise, with features from American Songwriter and a nomination for the Indie Music Awards. Vents Magazine calls him "one of the indie scene's most respected songwriters."

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