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DJ Real Deal

Raised as a DJ from Atlanta, Ga, DeroRealDeal brings an unrivaled library of musical knowledge from any generation you can think of! Growing up on music like James Brown, Pink Floyd, T.I. equips him with more than enough to handle any crowd in front!

Dero gained his first opportunity behind the mic at a skating rink in Lawrenceville, Ga, known famously as Sparkles. For almost 4 years, he learned how diverse crowds can be and used the opportunity to read people and understand how they react to music. When he realized he wanted to develop a more precise craft on turntables, he decided to move forward away from the skating rink scene. After many gigs and free nights, he finally found a foothold in small nightclubs and venues around the city to build his name and brand. After one late night in February of running into DJ Queen CoCo, the UnderDog DJs were born!

From there, Dero continues to build himself by supporting other DJs in need, not shying away from any event, and helping Independent Artists grow as he does! Want to know more? Ask him!

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