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Sam Bybee

My name is Sam Bybee, I’m an Acoustic/Americana musician from San Diego. A little bit about me, with over 20 years of experience playing music and endorsements from Taylor Guitars and Gigtown, I have been lucky enough to make it my full-time job. I have expansive experience playing multiple music and art festivals, restaurants, bars, corporate and private events, and music venues, so my style is as big or as small as your needs. I’ve written and recorded over 5 albums, as a solo artist and as a part of 22Kings, one of which was produced by Alex Wong, producer of Delta Rae’s “Carry the Fire.” This tour was my 5th national tour which included stops at Oysterfest, SXSW, and NAMM, among many others. I also Produce, Mix, Master, and Dialogue editing.

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