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Tommy McNulty

Tommy McNulty's life is literally run by music- and he'd have it no other way. Tommy has made a name for himself in and around Atlanta's best venues as a popular singer/guitarist and as a disc jockey on the airwaves (99X, ROCK 100.5 WNNX-Atlanta).

Growing up in a musical household - his parents both musicians - Tommy decided to take up the acoustic guitar in his early teens so he could accompany himself while singing. Influenced not only by current music but also by hearing songs from the 1960s and onward played around the house, Tommy has assembled a wide-ranging repertoire. From Johnny Cash and James Taylor to Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and modern artists, he gives the crowd a real "one man band," using his state-of-the-art TC Helicon vocal harmonizer, Boomerang Phase III loop pedal, and playing a variety of harmonicas at his shows. No matter how old or young, Tommy is sure to entertain music fans of all ages with his diverse set list and always energetic performances.

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