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Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. My mother didn't like all the vulgar rap music, so I grew up listening to Radio Disney and Q100. I got exposed to rap and r&b music when I went to the skating rink or chilled with some friends randomly in their parent's car. I graduated from Albany State University in 2014 and started the business Prothro Productions, a mobile entertainment and production company based in Atlanta. The rest is a story currently being written.

I'm American, and although I appreciate our music. I've noticed the vibe of the party comes alive when Reggae, Dance Hall, Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue, etc, music plays. I've learned to immerse myself in each culture and to be versatile while Dj'ing. This is Atlanta, and you never know where someone is from in the audience. However, it's nice that their culture is being catered to.

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